Retreats centre
and natural medicines in Cádiz

A place where we use the power of shamanism, ayahuasca, bufo alvarius, kambo, ancestral medicine and other techniques for self-knowledge and the inner evolution of our own humanity.

In our centre we carry out different workshops to unravel your sensibility and establish your own vision of spirituality

Our home will be
anam, because anam
is who we are

In this wonderful psychedelic journey that is life, our greatest responsibility is to discover who we truly are and to find the divine nature in our human frailties ANAM is the crucible where these alchemical processes of human transformation are promoted and supported.


Profesora de Yoga y Meditación en Anam

Michela Leoni

The moon is a symbol of biological cycles: it grows, decreases and disappears, it is the becoming,birth and death, fertility, destiny after death and the centre of initiation ceremonies. It is the source and symbol of fertility. The feminine principle. Spiritual guide in the ANAM CENTRE
Guia espiritual en el centro Anam

Patrick Fassiotti

The sun is the symbol of supreme cosmic power; the all seeing divinity and its power, the still being, the heart of the cosmos, the centre of being and intuitive knowledge, illumination, the eye of the world and the eye of the day, glory, splendour, justice and royalty. The masculine principle