Bufo Alvarius

The medicine of Bufo Alvarius is extracted from the parotid glands of a toad that lives in the Sonoran Desert in northern Mexico.

Nombre: Bufo Alvarius

Guía/persona: Patrick Fassiotti

Sesiones Bufo Alvarius en Anam

The experience with Bufo Alvarius venom is usually very immersive, and produces an extreme distortion in perception.Many people describe sensations of cosmic unity, access to singular consciousness and  profound spiritual experiences. Some people have likened the experience to the experience of dying and accessing states similar to those described in Buddhist and Hindu traditions as Nirvana or the Tathāgata; beyond the beyond. Loss of a sense of identity and dissolution of the ego is common, as well as the sensation of merging with the whole.

Bufo Alvarius Medicine is extracted from the parotid glands of a toad that lives in the Sonoran Desert in northern Mexico. This toad spends nine months of the year underground and when the rains come, it comes out to live the most active part of its life cycle, refreshing itself and giving us this precious substance which, at the time of extraction, is gelatinous but, once collected, it dries and remains in the form of very fine flakes.

The extraction of the gelatine does not involve any suffering for the animal, which is then released into the wild without any negative consequences for its health.


Putting the substance into a pipe and overheating it produces a whitish vapour containing 5meo DMT, a molecule considered the most powerful psychedelic substance in the world, as well as 20 other alkaloids including 11 tryptamines. This cocktail of chemicals acts on a psychological and
physical level.

The DMT molecule exists naturally in our body and is secreted from the pineal gland at two points in our  existence: at birth and at death, but studies have shown that even during sleep there is moderate  activity of the pineal gland and the secretion of DMT.

As an endogenous substance, the brain is structured to process this molecule through serotonin receptors. The chemical structure of serotonin has very strong affinities with the “poison” of the bufo Alvarius, as well as with psilocybin.

The above-mentioned substances, but also Ayahusca, Peyote, Yopo are among the many substances on the planet called psychedelics (which contact the psyche) or entheogenics (which contact one’s own divinity). These names, coined in the last century by psychologists and psychiatrists who studied the effects of these molecules, reveal the profound effect they have on humans.

A transformative and healing effect on all levels, but with an incredibly effective impact on the psyche and the soul. Bufo Alvarius is NOT recreational. Bufo Alvarius is healing.

The session with Sapo usually lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. You inhale the vapour of the Medicine, pause for about twenty seconds and from there you are delivered to the “journey”.