Microdosis de ayahuasca


A microdose of ayahuasca is technically a dose of a substance so small that it is hardly noticeable.

You will be able to go about your daily routine, go to work, socialise… all without noticing a difference.

Name: Microdoses

Guide/person: Michela Leoni

The idea is that at the end of the day, or the week, when you reflect on things you realise that everything has gone much more smoothly than usual. Maybe you procrastinated less, or found it easier to talk to people. Maybe you came up with new ideas or ate healthier foods. Whatever the benefits, they will be subtle and you won’t notice any limiting effects on your life.


Microdosing with ayahuasca is an excellent introduction to this wonderful medicine without having psychotropic effects. It is also a great opportunity for experienced people to continue the process started with the ceremony and to integrate the painful contents that might have arisen as well as to have support in their own spiritual practices.

Some people start taking micro-doses of ayahuasca to treat serious conditions such as depression, or to help process pain and trauma. Some hope to reconnect with the spiritual lessons they encountered during a full ayahuasca ceremony. Others are just looking for a boost in their
mood or an extra spark in their daily life. The important thing is that several studies have shown amazing health and spiritual benefits.


Every body and experience is different. During the weeks of therapy you will feel:

  • Understanding of patterns and dynamics in your personal relationships.
  • New understanding of your own personality.
  • Revelations about your life’s purpose or direction.
  • Profound intellectual or philosophical insights.
  • Revelations about the ethics and morality of your own behaviour.
  • New understanding of your body, how it functions and how to care for or heal it.
  • High concentration and focus for physical activities.
  • Feeling that everything is somehow connected.
  • Increased sense of connection with nature.
  • Increased awareness of environmental or social issues.
  • Feeling of being close to the sacred or spiritual.
  • Understanding of situations from your childhood
  • New understanding of death.


First you will schedule a virtual meeting with us to talk about the motivations that have led you to decide to take microdoses. We will then be able to guide you and give you suggestions according to your goal.

You will be given all the information and instructions on how to take microdoses.

Once you understand the process, you will begin taking your course of capsules.

The first week will be a trial period to connect with the plant and feel its first effects. We will always be available to listen to your doubts or questions.

After a week of treatment we will have another meeting either online or in person to communicate your mood and progress.
This will allow us to help you better, interpret your reflections and calibrate your optimal dosages.

We will continue to meet every 15 days to support your process with transpersonal therapy.