Cantos chamánicos con tambor


Workshops and seminars on shamanic chanting.

Using shamanic chants to express something, a therapeutic act of excellence. Chanting is one of the most archaic forms of communication used by humans. A communication towards oneself, towards others, towards the Divine.

Name: Shamanic Chanting

Guide/person: Patrick Fassiotti

When we integrate shamanism in many of our workshops.
We train in shamanic chanting.

Cantos chamánicos en Cádiz

Through the way we use our voice (tone, pitch, breathing) we can transmit our deepest emotions, unload our chronic tensions, recognise, as in a test of fire, the state of mind of the present moment.

It doesn’t matter if the person has studied or not, if the person is a master of consolidated techniques, the voice speaks to ourselves and to others.

The most widespread creation of exchange in the world, in all cultures, is singing – songs. They support love, convey anger, unleash fashions, govern ideologies, overthrow regimes. Through them we connect with a community that feels like us, thinks like us, with which we identify.

And then there is the chant addressed to the Upper or Invisible Worlds; think of the Christian Gregorian, the Bajan Indians, the syncretic chants of Candombe, the animist chants of the shamans. Again they are the manifestation of a link, either upwards or from above. Often they are the highest expressions of human art through excellent musical architecture or through a
connection with the Divine so tangible that it literally disturbs the listener, who is almost always an integral participant in a ritual (which is very different from a spectator).


The seminar we offer deals with several topics, all of which are experiential. We will work on becoming aware of our peculiar voice, form of emission, body tensions and discover how to release our expressiveness through the voice, discovering new ways of expressing emotions and
releasing stress. We will search for “our” sound, “our” ideal vibration where we can rest our soul and enter a state of deep relaxation, vibrating in consonance with ourselves. We will explore the technique of harmonic chanting, originating from the shamanic cultures of
Central Asia, used as a tool for transformation and care. It is an amazing technique that allows you to emit two or more sounds at the same time, at high frequencies that recharge the brain, calming the breath and the nervous system.

Harmonic chanting originates from the shamanic culture of Central Asia and is used as a tool for transformation and healing. It is an asombral technique that allows high frequency sounds to be emitted, which recharge the brain, calming the breath and relaxing the neuromotor system.

The sound, perceived through the ear, leads to a deep state of psycho physical relaxation while the vibration is perceived as a caress that “enters” through the body tissues. Neglected, reduced to a minimum by an ever more limiting education towards expressive possibilities, our voice is a medium that speaks a lot about us. Freeing vocal expressiveness means opening new ways to communicate with oneself and with others, finding new ways to express emotions, to relieve stress and to find a natural form of relaxation.